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The Destiny - Residency is a project where you can live and enjoy the comfortable and peaceful living ....... TODAY You have a choice of cosy studio type one-bed; spacious one-bedroom units; and large two-bedroom apartments with multiple layout options, to suit your very own personal need.

The Destiny - Mall is located in the heart of the Colombo city. Location known as Hotels & Business District.
The Destiny - Residancy The Destiny
Stop paying for the houses of others and step towards owning your own space where your kids can grow in freedom and your spouse enjoys expressing her own style. Where is your symbol of achievement, a house that you can call your home. Make your mark on this world and bring your dreams to reality where your kids can grow in peace and you and your spouse can enjoy a lifestyle. Where you enjoy the best that life offers. Don’t you dream of a perfect home for your family in a community that offers you business, leisure, entertainment and everyday amenities? Turn that dream into reality.
Destiny Mall The Destiny
Imperial Builders in collaboration with the UDA presents a very unique opportunity to invest in a retail space of your choice. The mall consists of 160 centrally air-conditioned retail spaces, food courts, 3D cinemas, bowling alley, kiddies play area and much more. It is an ideal location for Jewellery, watch, clothing, optical and perfume stores. The opportunity is open to all established retailers or investment seekers to invest in this upcoming commercial and retail hub with high occupancy and walk-ins. Sold on 50 year renewable lease basis.
Peaceful Living The Destiny
Think of your dream home in a serene and intimate space. People here cater to your needs while you spoil yourself in the choices available to you. There is something for your every wish and need at a convenient distance. Catering to educational, recreational, entertainment, health and all amenities which you might need, everything in your dream home offers something for everyone. Best of all everything is only a heart beat away. Build your dream home in a stress-free environment where everyday experience is like living a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. A place where you can relax and have all your needs taken care of conveniently. A place where life is enjoyable and worry free.
Stylish Living The Destiny
Destiny is you'll find your dream home, with a promise of quality lifestyle that you've always aspired to. A kitchen, dining and a living room of your own promises to bring you style and ease. Live as You’ve imagined it. Build a living room with plenty of space for your surround-sound theater or a room for your children where they can play to their heart’s content. It’s your style of lifestyle. Create a glamorous space to relax, or bring stunning designs to life for each of your rooms, create your own unique look for your home in your kitchen, dining, living or your bedroom.
Comfortable Living The Destiny
Nothing is more beautiful than a watching a family sharing meal-times together in their own home. At Destiny you’ll experience the comfort that you richly deserve. Imagine a life of warm and comfortable living in your own home. Inspire your life with a beautiful décor, sit down to rich family dinners, watch your family grow happily and peacefully. All this and more awaits.
Own Your Dream Home The Destiny
Destiny is being built at lacation where every component required of a safe and prosperous community that meets your every demand. Banks, mosques, parks, fuel stations, community centers, marriage lawns, they all are here presently. Complete quality healthcare and range of wellness solutions like clinics, hospitals and pharmacies and you'll also have the best entertainment and experiences catering to your every whim and desire. Kids will also enjoy the best possible education at Destiny. Developing your future for a brighter tomorrow. With complete facilities and a way of life that is truly relaxing, people will treasure the community of Destiny.